Popular Vote Token Request and Voting

Setting up MetaMask on PC

MetaMask is a Web3 wallet. Rinkeby uses test ETH, not the regular ETH.

Installing MetaMask for your browser

Creating a wallet and store your seed phrase in a safe place

Changing your network to Rinkeby

Requesting some test ETH for your new MetaMask wallet

Click the tweet button at the bottom of the page.
Sign in or create a twitter account.
Replace the 0x0 address with your own from MetaMask.
Tweet it and copy the link to the tweet.
Go back to the Rinkeby faucet and paste your tweet link in.
Select 18.75 Ethers / 3 days.
Congrats! You can now use MetaMask on Rinkeby.

Requesting FI-POPULAR-VOTE Tokens from Token Request

    Connect your MetaMask wallet.
Make a new request for 368 FI-Popular-Vote Tokens.
Create the transaction
Confirm the transaction
Go to My Requests
Submit your request
Create the transaction
Confirm the transaction
You now have 368 FI-Popular-Vote Tokens!

Adding a custom token to your MetaMask Wallet

Click the Add Token button in MetaMask.
Click Custom Token
Enter the FI Popular Vote token address and click Edit
Change the name to FI-Popular and click Next
Finally, click Add Tokens

Voting on the Rinkeby DAO

Connect your MetaMask
Go to the Voting app.
Whenever there is a vote, you can vote on it. Once you have gotten FI-Popular-Vote Tokens from an airdrop.
Open a vote.
Choose Yes or No accordingly.
Create the transaction
Confirm the transaction


You have successfully voted on the DAO!
Last modified 11mo ago