Requesting and Accessing 2021 IOB Dividend

1. Requesting

Step 1:

On homepage, click "MENU" button and select the "Managed Pools" tab in the sidebar.

Step 2:

Click "2021 IOB Dividend" button. You can also click on the banner shown below. (Click to skip to step 3.)


Step 3:

Click the "Connect Wallet" button.

In “Connect Wallet” window,select a wallet (currently “MetaMask” and more selection under development)

Step 4:

Confirm my wallet address (0x5b4......5b9e) is used to request for IOB dividend. Click the "Request" button.

Step 5:


Note: Once you have requested your dividend, your eligible dividend will be reset to "0."

2. Accessing Your Dividend on Polygon Network

Step 1:

Add Polygon Network on MetaMask

Step 2:

Check and confirm your USDC balance on Polygon Wallet

2.1 If you decide to keep USDC in the wallet on the Polygon network, do nothing.

2.2 To transfer from the wallet, first swap a small amount of MATIC tokens (5-10 cents) using your USDC you just received via their gas-less swap feature.

2.2.1 If you want to transfer USDC to an exchange, you can only sent via the Polygon network to one of the following 3 exchanges currently:, OKEx or Binance.

You will lose your USDC if you try to transfer them to any other exchange! Do NOT do it!

If unsure, please ask questions in our Telegram group first!

Step 3:

You can also connect your wallet to Uniswap through their Polygon layer to swap USDC to any coins you want.

Remember, the USDC is in your wallet on the Polygon Network. You do not need to "get it out." It is already there, as long as you have the private key to your wallet.


Unless you must convert the dividend received into USD, EURO or any other fiat, there is really no reason to "get it out." The funds are in your wallet on the Polygon network, (almost same as on the Ethereum network,) and you can swap it into other coins for almost no fee.

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