Defy Hedged Pool
iob Defy Hedged Pool is one of the first tokenized, actively managed DeFi hedged pools in the world. Defy will invest in derivatives of non-correlated asset classes including cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stock futures. The objective of the Defy Hedged Pool is low-risk, stable growth with a targeted annual return in the low double digits.
Based on an Aragon DAO, Defy Hedged Pool is a professionally-managed hedged pool that operates entirely on the blockchain. Besides enabling accounting, auditing, and account management on-chain, Defy is powered by a smart-contract-native trading system that directly interacts with Uniswap, Synthetix and Balancer. The pool’s assets are safely kept in its own smart contracts and in some cases, trades are executed with 0 slippage.
Fund pool name
iob Defy Hedged Pool
Hedged pool smart contracts
Ethereum Mainnet
Investment objective
Stable growth
Investment strategies
Quantitative, both long and short
Management fee
Performance fee
Hurdle rate
ETH and/or DAI
Assets traded
Cryptos, stock indices, and commodity futures synthetics
Starting NAV
Current investor pool
Defy Fund Pool #1
Pool token
Contribution cutoff
31 March 2021
12 months
Total cap
2,800 ETH
Minimum investment/staking
0.25 ETH
Staking APY
28% FI token reward
Staking payout
31 December 2021
Staking credit
Pro rata
Early redemption
1% redemption fee and staking Reward forfeiture
Redemption at or after payout date
0% redemption fee + Staking reward pro rata
Token/share transferable?
Next investor pool
Defy Hedged Pool #2
Pool token
Contribution cutoff
30 June 2021
12 months
Total cap
5,000 ETH
Staking APY
18% FI token reward
A video tutorial can be found here:
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