How to invest in Defy by buying DEFY token

Open homepage

Step 1: Find button "Buy DEFY & Stake Now" and click.

Step 2: In the new window “New Request”, click “Connect Wallet”. (If you already connected the wallet, skip to Step 4.)

Step 3: In “Use Account From” window,select a wallet (currently “MetaMask,” and more selection under development)

Step 4:After successful connect to wallet, you will find your wallet address in the upper right corner. Then you can back to “New Request” window and input amount of ETH (or DAI) or amount of DEFY-1. You can also leave a note in “Reference” field. After that, click “Create Request” button.

Step 5: MetaMask will request your confirmation, click “Confirm” button to confirm this transaction.

Step 6: Then your transaction has been signed and sent to the network for processing. Click "See on Etherscan" to view details on the Ethereum network. After this transaction successfully recorded on ethereum network, you can find it in Defy DAO and just waiting for pool managers' approval.