Why does need DeFi?

Trading anything anywhere in the world

DeFi platforms are naturally suitable for to create and to trade any asset classes globally with universal market access. Synthetic derivatives break the common barriers of borders and fiat currencies. For instance, now anyone anywhere in the world can trade the gold futures with a Web3 wallet.


Trading without borders and gatekeepers.

Markets are democratized for anyone to access and are governed by the transparency of smart contracts.


Your asset, your private key, your control.

The new market opportunities

DeFi is the future of finance. has a deep understanding of both traditional finance and emerging decentralized finance. DeFi has only largely captured the imaginations and excitement of the retail investors and traders so far. There is a disconnection between the old and new. DeFi innovations are led mostly by coders with little or no financial background, and that is actually an advantage they have -- not being burdened by the old-fashion ways of thinking and the predatory ways of doing business. However, the financial world is still being controlled by traditional institutional players. We have witnessed that the two sides are belittling each other every day. We believe they will gradually adapt and penetrate each other's turfs. Being one of the first to build a bridge between the traditional and decentralized finance, is in a similar position that is similar to the early days of the Bloomberg Markets system.

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