What is the iob.fi DAO management team?

There is no central leadership, decisions are made in a bottom-up way. It has its own rules, such as how to manage funds that belong to iob.fi. The organization is running under a global network of contributors. The core contributors can be reached here.

Where is iob.fi DAO registered?

The DAO structure gives internet communities unprecedented power to organize around shared values and resources. There is no centralized registration or any national borders.

How is iob.fi DAO organized by its contributing members?

Decentralized organizations can solve some of the traditional companies' worst problems. All of us are not constrained by geography. Members work remotely by a shared vision.

If the core members control all the important mattes and even act as a 'central bank,' how decentralized is iob.fi DAO?

We intend to give all the control to the community. However, we can only do it in a gradual, guided, and controlled way towards the state of total democracy.

During Phase 1 of the DAO deployment, only some of the core members are designated to make policy proposals. The entire community of FI and IOB holders is still entitled to vote for each proposal. A proposal is enacted only after it receives the required vote counts. Phase 2 will give any token holder the right to make proposals on most business policies for the community to vote. In Phase 3, the community is given the total control of iob.fi DAO and anyone can make a proposal on any policy matters.

What is the voting-power difference between IOB and FI?

IOB holders can vote on ALL matters on iob.fi DAO through wIOB while FI holders can vote on most, but not all policies. For instance, FI cannot vote on IOB to FI conversion proposals. However, most FI holders are at the same time IOB holders during the first two phases of DAO's deployment, we do not see a drastic conflict between the two camps.

What are the benefits of iob.fi DAO?

iob.fi DAO is an inclusive, transparent, and global model for human coordination. It brings superpowers to the online community that shares our longer vision since 2017.

iob.fi DAO enables the community to:

Attract and incentivize contributors

The DAO incentivizes contributors by giving them a say in the future of the organization. Through the iob.fi DAO, our research and development effort will reach a global level. Anyone can make a contribution from any corner of the world, not only the "employees."

Pool funds

iob.fi DAO allows people all around the world to pool funds.

Govern those funds together

It allows people to collaboratively channel common funds towards common missions.

What is my power?

Over time, we will be scheduling votes to decide on a range of issues, including (but not limited to):

IOB token conversions

The community will decide on the IOB to FI conversion rate and the batch amount available for each voluntary swap.

Management fees and incentives

For each new fund, the community decides on its management fee and incentive structures.

Dividend payouts

Authorizing dividend payout ratio, timing, and payment methods.

Business expansions

Allocation of FI grants to development efforts and new business partnerships.

Core member replacements

Propose and vote on organization leadership members, including the financial controller, key advisors, and security council members.

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